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Name:Bernard Dowd
Birthdate:Mar 15

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Bernard Dowd was born to a young Nina Dowd while she was still in college, working on her BA in Archeology. Unable to support herself and her child while still in school, she dropped out as her pregnancy came to term, and set to work trying to support her growing family. He was mostly raised by his mother, as his father would drift in and out of their lives with no real pattern, and until he started school, Bernard thought this was absolutely normal. Without a college degree, the single income that Nina brought in wasn't able to give them very much, but they did the best they could, and bernard had a mostly happy childhood. He excelled in school, though he hated the work, and he made friends easily. By the time he reached high school, he was popular and well-respected. And then the Gang Wars happened. Watching the girl of your dreams bleed out in the arms of your best friend changes a person. Bernard became withdrawn, cautious, and almost fearful when meeting new people. In fact, it took him almost until graduation to realize what he was doing to himself. He promised himself that he would be reinvented once he reached college, and so he did just that. Back to his previous gregarious nature, Bernard joined a fraternity and threw himself into collegiate life, participating in the coed touch football games, attending all manner of parties, and even helping out with the theatre department's musical production of Rocky Horror Picture Show. He did well at Gotham U, able to keep up his grades to keep his scholarship while balancing working to help his mom and keeping an active social life. But it all felt like a front.With college behind him, Bernard has moved on to graduate school, staying at Gotham U and enrolling in their law program. Now that he's out of the house, Nina has finished her own degree, and is often off participating on digs all around the world, leaving Bernard to be his own person in a city most famous for its criminals. He won't complain, though, and if asked, he'll tell you that Gotham is the best place to live.

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